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OMG where is RoyTorince?

I give you a 10/10 for making a tribute to RoyTorince, even if I'm not crazy about the song in this vid. :)

What I am crazy about is RoyTorince's awesome music. But he has disappeared! He's no longer on NewGrounds and it looks like he deleted his YouTube account too. Does anybody know how to get in touch with him?

I am so sad! He always made THE BEST 8-bit remixes.

RoyTorince, if you're reading this, I love your music so much I'm willing to pay you for it. Send me a message!

Heil responds:

i miss roy

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There is only one mistake keeping this from being great, but it's a BIG mistake. Sorry for the low score but I can't give you any better while the VOLUME IS THIS OUT OF CONTROL!

Oh my god, I know that the first two Sonic games kind of had music that was kind of constantly loud overall but not like this! You're going to damage your speakers (or someone else's). I can hear the sound distorting because it's so damn loud.

Please fix! I would love to hear this song re-balanced. The beats underneath all the noise sound good (...I think).

Nearly great, but not quite there

I think you've got a quite solid grip on the song, and I think it's pretty damn close to being a great recreation. The only thing stopping me from giving it a higher score is that I think the instruments' volumes are a little off in relation to each other, and the reverb is a little too much IMO.

Otherwise good work, and keep it up!

Right on.

My favorite of all your submissions.

Great stuff-no tampering with the good parts of the original, but definitely enhanced with attention to detail and great choice of the "explosion" sound effect. I actually prefer it to the original! :) (Not something that happens often for me)



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